Ear Acupuncture ( or Auricular Acupuncture) originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The auricle counts about 200 acupuncture points corresponding to organs and areas of the body.  Very fine needles or magnets are used on specific points located on the outer ear to stimulate corresponding areas of the body promoting detoxification and alleviation of symptoms.

The detoxification protocol has been designed to help in the treatment of addiction from sugar and coffee to smoking, alcohol and drugs. It is commonly used by support organisations along side chemical detoxifications to treat alcohol and drugs addiction. It may help calm the mind, reduce craving and alleviate withdrawal symptoms as well as promoting well-being and balance.

The Liver wellness protocol has been designed to help with chronic liver problems due to Hepatitis C infection, substance misuse. It may help promote detoxification and stimulate recovery of the liver and associated organs.

Ear Acupuncture is both relaxing and stimulating, a treatment lasts for about 40-45 minutes and usually the patient is seating on a chair, it can very easily be suitable for individual sessions or drop in-group sessions.

A Qi Gong exercise is usually included during the session to stimulate the receiver to fully participate in the experience.

A strict health and safety protocol is followed during the session. The needles are single use and come in sealed packages.

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